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Texan Bank Partners with Kidz Harbor

The employees at Texan Bank are all about Servant Leadership. We take great joy in serving each other, our customers and our local communities. Since its inception in 2011, Texan Bank has been generously supporting our local charitable organizations, schools, sports teams, and churches. In 2016, we created Texans Serving Texans, which is a team of our employees whose mission is to determine the needs of our communities and serve them with our time, labor, and money.

ALL of our employees have SERVING hearts, so it is no wonder that we chose to collaborate with Kidz Harbor as our primary focus for our charitable service!  Kidz Harbor is a group foster home whose mission is to house and help the abused and abandoned children of Texas.  The home is located in Liverpool, Texas and has short-term and long-term care, with some residents staying for only a few months to others staying several years.  Kidz Harbor provides a safe harbor for these children while attending to their medical and physiological needs. 

As part of Texan Bank’s partnership with Kidz Harbor, the Texans Serving Texans team has donation drives based on the needs of the children at that time.  In addition, the team hosts fun events for the children to have fun and feel special and loved, like they are!

Current Events

The 3rd Annual Splash Into Summer Bash is Saturday, June 1st from 1pm to 6pm.  Activities will include waterslides, swimming, photo booth, arts, crafts, games, prizes and the most coveted obstacle course, the Harbor Warrior Olympics!  Do you want to help?  We are looking for new or gently used stuffed animals or small toys that we can use for game prizes, pool toys, goggle and inflatable toddler pools for the littler ones. View current flyer here 3rd Annual Kidz Harbor Splash into Summer Bash 

Kidz Harbor is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; donations are tax deductible. For more information on Kidz Harbor, visit their website at www.kidzharbor.org or watch their video by clicking this link. Kidz Harbor Video 


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